This project(Laiza Digital Library) was started when a group of people from Norway wanted to give students living in Kachin State, Myanmar a chance to have access to world class education. Our inspiration lies in the fact that the internet has recently become an incredible place to learn anything. Education initiatives like Khan Academy and many MOOCs(Massive Online Open Courses) are good examples of this.

Unfortunately students in Myanmar do not have access to such valuable educational resources because of the lack of computer and internet access. Our project tries to solve this problem by building a digital library for these students in Laiza, Kachin State, Myanmar. The library consists of many computers that are connected to a local server where digital learning materials such as books, movies and softwares like Offline Khan Academy will be installed. This is a brief description of the project.

We try to achieve two objectives from this project. Right now, many students cannot continue their formal education because of the civil war between Myanmar Army and Kachin Independence Army in Kachin State. Our first objective is to give these students a chance to continue their education in Laiza where they are currently taking shelter from the war. Second, we believe that by doing self-study with the help of computers, they will greatly accelerate their learning and their computer literacy will also be improved. This will help them very much in the future since having a good knowledge about computer has become an essential skill in our digital world.

The project is not easy. There are so many things we have to do. Therefore we kindly invite you to help us in making this project successful. You can help us by either offering technical advice or simply sending donation via this website. Thank you.

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